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22 Dec

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, and all that good stuff!

Hello CTD fans, friends, and family:

I hope that this year Xmas finds you happy and well. I have no new records to announce at the moment, or ‘product to push’ but I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays in any case. All for now.

As ever,


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28 Aug

Tourist Takes Selfie

Check out this confident chicka!

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28 Aug

August 28/2014

Well, I just got back from Winnipeg where i broke my arm! I was piggly backing my nephew and lost my legs. I’m very lucky – could have needed surgery, could have damaged my rotator cuff or a ligament. I should have my shit together again in a few months. In the meantime I do one-armed yoga and will be teaching yoga starting Sept 6, at Twisted Trunk Yoga here in NYC. I will keep up these posts more often now that I am sorting out my social media. Good god! Social Freakin’ Media! God help us all… xo Brad

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11 Oct

New Blog

We now have a new blog on Tumblr:

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08 Oct

On the Road in Western Canada

Hey all. As usual I’ve been remiss about blogging. I’m on the road right now, and we have played to nothing but fantastic audiences. Thanks to all for coming to the shows. So far we’ve played Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Tonight we’re in Regina and tomorrow my hometown,
Winnipeg. Hope to see some of you there. Best, Brad

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04 Oct


Well folks, I have been neglecting my blog duties again. I’m getting a better blog together where I can post pix, etc. In the meantime, check out Brad Roberts on facebook.

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25 Sep

Canadian Tour

hi folks

long time no blog. i”ve had more to say in my photo’s than i have on paper, hence my absence.

our canadian tour kicks off on Oct 1st in victoria. i will be hoping to do street photography photo essays of each town we are in. they will appear on the brad roberts facebook page. “friend” me and watch it go by.

i can hardly wait to see the homeland again. hope to see some of you canadians soon.


02 Sep

Sept 2 2010

Rose late, then had my ass kicked by my yoga teacher. She’s a tough young bitch but I look freakin’ great.

Check out my photos on the Brad Roberts Facebook Page. You can even go to Wall Album under “Brad’s Albums”, and trace the trail of entries in the last few weeks.

Starting a new biography, this one a very recent work by one Claire Tomlin. Have only just cracked it and already it’s beautiful. The art of biography astounds me. Highly recommended.

(And if you learned to hate Thomas Hardy early on through Tess of the D’Ubervills, check out instead The Mayor of Casterbridge, or his poetry about his departed wife. Great stuff.)
As ever,

25 Aug

My Facebook Photography

Hello friends –

I’ve posted a collection of photos I took on my Brad Roberts Facebook page. Friend me, and you can check them out, if this appeals to you.

I’m doing a collection of 5 shots each day. Today’s collection is devoted to curbside, street level points of view. Plenty of beautiful trash (yes, that’s right, trash; in nyc, trash is often spectacular.) There is also a gorgeous fire hydrant, and a peculiar structure left over from a work site.

Hope you can friend me and enjoy. We are still wrestling with my jpg attachments on this blog. When that is over, I’ll post them here. In the meantime, check out:

Hope to hear from you!


24 Aug

Hey, listen to me spout off on BBC Radio

Hey, listen to me spout off on BBC Radio 4 at My interview is only 2 hrs 26 minutes in.

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