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Written by Brad Roberts

16 Jan

can’t sleep

more insomnia. oh well. gives me time to blog.

my mom sent a batch of my favorite homemade oatmeal cookies. i just got the recipe from her, in case she dies! she also makes a mean roast beef with yorkshire pudding. i can’t make the pudding like she can, but i’m working on it.

you meet the strangest people in new york. today a guy asked me if i was homeless, and offered me a ride. no thanks! i didn’t think i looked that grubby. i should have got the sicko’s license plate.

i hate my landlord. i extend olive branches all the time, and he just won’t take them. thats right folks, i don’t own an nyc apartment. or a car. or a country home. i don’t even have a stereo! i’m just not interested in spending money on crap like cars and real estate. i can walk, and i don’t need to buy a money pit. i’d rather fight with my landlord.

none of this is very interesting, so i’m signing off…



08 Jan

Happy New Year 2010

howdy folks,

I don’t know about you but I’m glad that the new year is here and we can get on with our lives after the so-called “holidays”.  Actually, my Xmas day was great, spent at home with my wife and a friend. No relatives, no gifts, just a good home cooked dinner. I’m also lucky to have fantastic in-laws, so when we do visit them in Michigan, it’s not a problem. They have an old 3 story house in downtown Detroit – and yes, it is crime-ridden – but the house is gorgeous and Michele and I get an entire floor – the 3rd – to ourselves, complete with bathroom! I crawled into that womb on Jan 27th, and came out profoundly rested.

I wish I could say I knew when this next record is coming out, but we’re having some problems assembling a team to do it. Press, Radio, Marketing, Distribution, Digital Downloads – all these things have to happen in tandem. The only thing that I can promise you is that the cover art is the best yet by a long shot. Juni Moon is working on it now, and it’s a great collaboration. I highly recommend her.

My birthday is on Sunday January 10th, and I’m teaching a class in chanting mantra that day. If you live in or around Manhattan, it is being held from 12:45-3:45 at Virayoga, 580 Broadway, between Prince and Houston in Soho.

Hope to have a release date to announce sooner than later!

Happy Happy Everyone