Crash Test Dummies Blog

Written by Brad Roberts

22 Feb

sunday night insomnia

well folks, it’s sunday at 6:50AM and i haven’t slept all night. had kind of a fun one, though. puttered around, read, watched old movies.

crash test dummmies are still aiming for a may release and some tour dates on the NE seabord (May) and the Southwest (June). none of the dates are set, it’s just something we’re shooting for. the album art continues to evolve and we’re talking about doing some animated video with it. i did a photo shoot which turned out very well. there are a few blogs about me, and i should get a write up in at some point. (they interviewed me.)

so things are finally moving along. in the meantime, i’m still baking bread every day, and yoga is an obsession. i chant (in sanskrit and ancient hebrew and greek and english) every day – fck off if you don’t like it. i have found new resonances and nuances in my voice as a result.

i’ve discovered only recently that for me, singing is a great way to wake up my body. i’ve always felt like shite in the morning.

and i think that’s part of why people sing in the shower. it’s a great place for acoustics, and the hot water and steam opens the lungs and sinuses and ear canals and moisturizes the whole nasal and throat passageways. turns on your body and your brain.

i’ve also noticed that if i MAKE MYSELF SING, i feel better. weird but true. i guess it’s like the old saw – they’re not singing ’cause they’re happy, their happy because they’re singing.

can’t think of anything else. thanks for hanging in there with me. it’s been quite a few years since i’ve put out anything. this stuff takes the cake. a lot of completely new directions. and great lyrics. among my best. if i do say so myself, and i do.

have a good week, folks