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Written by Brad Roberts

23 Mar

A reason to blog again…

hey folks – i haven’t gone over the many comments and posts that have come inthe last few weeks. will get on it soon. in the meantime, we have dates! hope to see you there. i don’t tour much!

love-beads and incense, brad


May 11 – Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live

May 13 – Foxboro, MA – Showcase Live
May 14 – Northhamption, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall
May 15 – New York, NY – City Winery
May 16 – Vienna, VA – Jammin Java

May 18 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
May 19 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark

May 21 – Madison, WI – The Majestic
May 22 – Chicago, IL – Martyr’s
May 23 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall

04 Mar

things are movin’ along

howdy folks

even though i am a literature snob, i’m going to dispense with capital letters.

mid-may remains our target date for release of Ooh La La. i just got advance copies and they look and sound great. also, some dates in mid-may are getting closer to confirmation, here in new york city and some of the other major north eastern cities.

i’m famous for hating touring – except the show, i always love that – but this time i’m looking forward to it. i’ll have my good friends stuart cameron and ellen reid, and wayne o’connor to do sound and tour manage. wayne has toured with us for many years, and he’s just about the best guy to have on your side i can think of.

the van drives will be the same old stuff – holding one’s pee, leg cramps, crappy truck stop food. but i also plan to bring some reading. i’ve had my father send me my books from college years, and i’m rereading a lot of stuff. it sure looks different 20 years later. and i’m finally reading biographies of the people whose work i studied. i just finished ts eliot and ezra pound. what a couple of awful lives they led. i’m looking forward to going back to people like milton. i already know a fair amount about samuel johnson through his acolyte boswell. so much out there to read.

i’m going to buy a video camera soon, that i might do “live” blogs from the road. they are making them pencil thin these days. if i can figure out the technology, i should be able to shoot vid’s off to the website.

i’m also thinking of getting skype or something so that i can do yoga classes in my hotel room with my teacher. it’s way easier to do when someone is kicking your ass. i can do yoga alone, but like anything, a trainer never hurts.

keep yankin’ yer own chains, folks….