Crash Test Dummies Blog

Written by Brad Roberts

28 Apr

Album release May 11th

Hey friends family and fans –

How about this new web page, huh? Let’s give webmaster Jerry

Brace a hand for doing such a fine job. You’ll see some of the artwork

from the CD appear on this site, which was done by the beloved Juni Moon.

Thanks Juni!

I’m getting really excited about the new record. I’ve done lots of great press, and have plenty more coming up. For you Canucks, we’ll be playing on TV – Canada AM on May 6th.

Aside from the shows in the US that are posted on this site (“TOUR”), we may possibly do some shows in the South: check out Atalanta, perhaps Austin – but that’s all TBA at this point. We also plan to play in Canada come October. I’ll keep you


I’ve finished three literary biographies – Virginia Woolf, TS Eliot, Ezra Pound –

and am now starting a small one on James Joyce. It feels so great to be reading again.

My wife Michele has finished designing CTD t-shirts, panties, tank-tops, children’s t’shirts…the whole 9 yards. They are pretty sassy and pretty beautiful. I hope

we can sell ‘em, because, ironically, they are what fund the tour! So we made

sure we have good stuff.

All for now.