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Written by Brad Roberts

28 May

truck stop yoga

i have developed what i call “truck stop yoga”. it is intended for long driving days. when i’m touring with crash test dummies on the road, i’m doing long drives nearly every day.

the first key piece to truckstop yoga is to do it with your back to the wall. you don’t want people behind you, as this makes you vulnerable to ogling and attacks. a wall in a low-traffic area of the truck stop is best.

secondly, use the wall as a boundary. if you need to lean against it for a pose, do so. i have lousy balance, so i use the wall to get me into tree pose.

thirdly, do standing poses only. this is because the ground is dirty. (i also wear my shoes, to avoid broken glass).

finally, keep the poses simple. basic poses hold just as much power as do the more exotic variations. hold the pose longer, using each breath to tweak your alignment and move into the pose more deeply.

the best all-purpose pose is this: stand with legs wide. clasp hands behind the back. bend forward, taking your arms with you. hold for 5 breaths, deepening the pose with each breath.

doing truck stop yoga saved my back. and i’ll be at it again come june 4th when we begin to tour again!

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21 May

hey folks – long time no blog. this is the first time since our tour started that i have had the chance to sit down and look at my email. the road has been tough, physically, but the shows make it all worth while. we’ve had excellent crowds, and the trio sounds spectacular. nothing but glowing reviews from the audience at least.

this is the end of the first leg of the tour. we resume in june on the west coast of the USA. looking forward to all that greenery :)

ellen has taken her cd on the road with us and is doing very well. and she looks better than she ever has. she does 3 songs in the set, one, her own.

playing ‘two knights and maidens’ is something i haven’t done for a long time. fans seem to enjoy it. it’s a blast for me. one my favorites to play.

we’ll be doing a canadian tour in october. when the dates are firm, i’ll let you know.

i’ve heard some very touching stories from people about our records. i tend to forget that music is a trigger for memories, much like one’s sense of smell.

a gentleman who served in the gulf war told me that he and his shipmates “lived” off of our record during the tedium at sea. and while i don’t like war (who does?)
it meant a lot to know that my songs and our records have helped people through tough times. i need to remind myself of this every time i’m feeling “washed up”.

the t-shirts (and panties!) that my wife designed are now available through the store on this site. they are very beautiful, and they also make it possible to pay for touring. so if you want to keep me on the road…you know what to do.

thanks everyone for reading.

all the best

brad roberts

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12 May

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08 May


hey folks

just got back from a press and promo trip in toronto.

all went very well. there is real enthusiasm and energy around this release. it pleases the old man. we’ll get out to canada in october.

in the mean time the US dates are about to begin. we will have the new record for sale, also ellen reid’s record, and some gorgeous new merch designed by my wife.

so many of you have posted thoughtful comments. i try to keep up with them, but they are sandwiched amongst literally thousands of bogus spam crap. i’m sorry if i miss your post. and if you don’t hear back from me, i’m just to overwhelmed with input! i really appreciate all of your kind words.

hope to see you soon.


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