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28 Jul

taking pictures

hey guys

my blogs have been thin gruel these days, so i’ll try a little harder today!

i live in new york city, and although i’ve never been interested in photography, i’ve started taking pictures with my cell phone camera, which happens to be a high-res camera at that, not the usual junk.

there is just so much stuff in nyc to photograph. everywhere you look. it’s turning into an obsession for me. (a healthy hobby? no! an obsession.)

anyhow, my brother is an excellent photographer, so i’ve been following his lead. he will be getting a site of his work going when he has time. not easy with two kids.

also, juni moon, who is my friend and designer of ctd’s album cover and new video, is also an excellent photographer, and she turned me on to a new york photographer who is so good he makes me want to quit.
his name is by joseph o. holmes.

he does regular posts but he’s going on vacation now till september. however, you can browse his archives

There is also his older work here:

This guy is definitely worth checking out.

that is my world as of late. when i can figure out how to upload photos in this blog, i’ll show you some.

in the meantime, i’d be interested in hearing from anyone out there with tips about photography.



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28 Jul

Detailed musician credits on the web site

I’ve always loved reading detailed credits on albums. We didn’t have room in our 24 page booklet (!) for the song-by-song listing, but we’ve now added it to the Music page on our web site so you can now be certain that it was Steuart Smith who played the banjo on “What I’m Famous For”, Rob Morsberger who played the Theremin, Pinky Weitzman played not just any violin but a Stroh violin on You Said You’d Meet Me (In California) – that sort of thing.

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27 Jul

And It’s Beautiful Link

Hey you guys and gals –

When I talked about our new video before,I forgot to give you a link.

Here’s the And It’s Beautiful video on YouTube:

And, here’s the And It’s Beautiful video on Video, where it sounds better:

Sorry about missing that.


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23 Jul

video for “and it’s beautiful”

hey folks – check out the new video! made by juni moon, who also did the album artwork.

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21 Jul

Hello folks

I and my good pal Rob Morsberger went to a radio station called WFUV yesterday. We played “Songbird” (from the new record, ‘Ooh La La’) with Rob on piano and me singing. We also did MMM MMM MMM MMM (of course). It will be aired twice in August. I’ll keep you posted on the dates. WFUV is a wonderful station that consistently plays interesting music. In NYC it is 90.7 FM; and on the net it’s at I’ll keep you posted as to when it will be aired. Did a nice interview too. Lots of shits and giggles.

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments, and I hope we pass through your way soon. All for now.


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16 Jul

hey you guys, sorry i haven’t been on in a while. have been very busy with a variety of stuff, including a brief performance at the winnipeg folk festival last weekend. we sang, among other things, moody manitoba, which, as you can imagine, is big in manitoba, the province of my home town.

i’ve been taking photographs and putting myself through a little photography 101 course on the net. my camera is also my cell phone, but it’s a great camera. it’s enormous fun – i just have to walk out my front door into the madness of new york city, and start clicking. i’ve been taking pictures of everything from cig butts to the empire state building. if i could attach some, i would!

all forn now folks…



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