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17 Aug

The Scoop

Hey Guys and DollsI

I know this is getting tiresome, but I just can’t seem to help myself. i resang the entire new CTD record, “Ooh-La-La”, and considered it mixed and ready to master to the digital file which is what we used to call the record. Then it occurred to me and my inveterate co-writer, audio engineer, mixer and producer, Mr Stewart Lerman, that, surprise surprise, we needed MORE STUFF! So, we are getting a violin/violist/pedal-steel player to come in one day, and a trumpet player another day.

This record is becoming symphonic. It’s a thrill to dive into this new approach. And we couldn’t have done it without the optigan, on which we composed. Anyone who gets the chance to play an optigan, do so! All you have to do is press buttons and it plays music in a variety of genres. Made in the 1970’s by Mattell Toys, the omnichord was originally a hobbyist instrument. It has been used more recently by the odd out-there band. Few have explored it’s depths to date, aside from the efforts of Stewart and I, I daresay! Go to and check them out.

So, what started with a toy instrument has evolved into symphonic proportions. No wonder it has taken us over three years to make the thing. But I think you’re gonna love it! The artwork looks freakin’ fantastic already! And Ellen and I have never sounded so good together.

Still no release date, but hey, the last record I made was in 2004, so if I’ve waited this long, so can you! Stand by me, soldiers of great courage and strength<p>All for now.


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