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Written by Brad Roberts

02 Aug

Healthy Buzzes

tired of waking up hung over? too old to trip on hallucinogenics without freaking out? cigarettes clogging your lungs?

there are answers people. first, the straight dope on weed. the longest and most comprehensive study on the relationship between smoking weed and lung cancer goes like this: cig smokers – lots of cancer; non-smokers – much less cancer; weed-smokers – LESS CANCER THAN NON- SMOKERS! apparently cannabis may contain components that actually inhibit excessive cell growth (i.e., cancer) and possibly of use in treating some cancers. the research remains to be done. (a side note: cannabis is also a “bronchodilator” and has been used for centuries to treat asthma, particularly when sipped in tea, cooked in food, and yes, even smoked.)

both yoga and more cardiovascular forms of physical activity (running, etc) release the pleasure inducing “dopamine” – hence the word dope – while exercising the body as well.

wheat grass shots may taste like lawn clippings, but they give me a small buzz. and it helps you poo!

finally, try huffing some essential lavender oil. good stuff.

write in with your own healthy buzz…and keep the photo’s comin’!

you can see the photographs i’ve taken here in new york city on both “the official crash test dummies group”, and on the “brad roberts” facebook page, both at http/

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