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04 Aug

Getting your veggies

i found this vegan restaurant that actually has good food. i hate most vegan food that i’ve ever tried. but this place has it together. it’s called “wild ginger”. i just ate some.

last week i re-sang most of my vocal takes. the original vocals were the first time i had sung the songs. now that i’ve lived with the songs for a while, i can sing them way

better. when this record comes out, it is gonna be a doozie. expect to hear very cinematic music. totally different territory. there’s a great story behind the record as well,

and i’m going to do a very short documentary of it for you tube. or embed it in the website.

speaking of the website, our webmaster jerry brace has volunteered to update the site when the new record is ready.

i’m nearly finished this freaky record of old sanskrit mantra’s. you can here it for free in it’s present form. soon we’ll master the whole thing, and make it available for download. (see circus)

question, fans and friends – what is your favorite blog?


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