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Written by Brad Roberts

24 Aug

My Blog

I’m resurrecting a novel I shelved 10 years ago and am publishing it serially in coming weeks. It will be right here on this blog. It’s quite an undertaking, to wrangle something from the old manuscript, but I think it’s going to be fun. You can decide.

I’m also making an effort to post my photography daily on facebook, just because I can. All the shots so far have been in my neighborhood here in Soho, NYC. Today they are all shots taken at night. Some are pretty cool.

Back to my work on the book.


I have given up on baking bread. It’s way too hot to bake in the summer. Even just cooking a hot meal is bad. But the cool breezes and rain yesterday were encouraging. Any reprieve is welcome. Yesterday the humidity was like a jungle’s.

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  1. By Juni Moon on Aug 24, 2010 | Reply

    I hear you, I’ve been downright sick from all the stifling humidity and heat. But now that the temps are dropping, I have those natural barometer headaches that I get when the seasonal climate begins to change.

    I love that you are writing, and your photography in subject groups is refreshing and fun. Damn, we’re going to miss you when you go back out on tour! :)

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