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Written by Brad Roberts

21 Jul

Ooh La La

hey folks

well, i played a benefit for my good friend scott harding, who was paralyzed in a drunk driving accident. the perps got away with it. scott took it all in stride. he is now back in action, and we raised money for him to get a much better wheelchair. new york city isn’t very wheelchair friendly.

i did a ctd set as well as a set with my new project, satsang circus. cypress mangaged to get her friends to do a 2 camera shoot – one fixed, one moving. it will be edited soon and posted on youtube.

i bought a very nice hand held sony recorder and have been recording recent shows. they don’t sound great, but they are not bad for bootlegs. i may have them mastered and released for a nominal fee, if there was any interest.

tomorrow and friday i finish my vocals on the new ctd’s record, ooh la la. then we can master it and get the damn thing out there! and i’m nearly done mastering Satsang Circus, so that is in the offing soon as well.

hope this finds you guys happy and well.

oh, and dan roberts had another boy. james. he already looks like a killer, of which i’m proud.

all for now


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