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23 Dec

CTD Holiday Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who have sent in questions for Brad to answer for a chance of winning one of the 3 signed copies of Jingle All The Way.

Winner # 1 Question:

“How do you schedule your time on a daily basis as a musician/songwriter to get creative work done?”

Answer #1:

This is an excellent question. the answer comes in two parts.

Before I had a record deal, I chose to tend bar, as the tips were in cash, and my work week was flexible. Also, the job was very social, and I liked that it got me out of my writing solitude and into the world of people. (Left to my own devices, I would never leave the cozy environs of my apartment.) This arrangement worked very nicely. I always wrote in the evenings during the god shuffled period. after putting in a few hours, I’d go out for a cocktail, and hit the hay around 4am.

Now that I have the money to pursue writing more leisurely, I find that in fact too much unstructured time isn’t good for my head; and when my head is no good I can’t write. as a result, now I have to go out of the way to do other things so that i can keep my faculties going so that I can then come home to write. These days its kickboxing, yoga, and old-school shaves at my barber.

Thanks for writing.

Winner # 2 Question:

I own all of your albums and I wonder what your inspiration/intention/tendency is in sticking so close to rhymed couplets (all the way back to The Ghosts That Haunt Me to Songs of the Unforgiven)? Have you ever been tempted to move towards a completely different lyrical structure?

Answer #2:

Interesting comment, my man. My verses are often not rhyming couplets, but rather A/B/C/B, or the more challenging A/B/A/B. I find it useful to switch to rhyming couplets – A/A B/B – when I get to a chorus, just to change up the vibe. I have to admit i’m getting a little sick of myself now that you mention it. maybe i’ll try some new things.

Winner # 3 Question:

I see how your early writing was influenced by your English and Philosophy studies (GSHF).  What influences your latest work?

Answer #3:

In my early writing, my studies were evident in a more obvious way than they are now; more lately, so-called ‘life experience’ has layered itself into the newer work, but the early influences remain just the same.

The Toys record, still under construction,  is the most playful, positive thing I’ve written in some time. The record spans many genres, and I do everything from Tin Pan Alley, to Solemn Ballad, to Nasty Ass Old School Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The following is a list of some other interesting questions asked:

Question #4:

I’ll be interning at DC Comics next year in NY, NY so I’m interested in what you think of it up there, since you’ve lived all over- Nova Scotia, Canada, London, New York, I was wondering which you prefer and where do you see yourself a decade or so from now (still in NY?)

Answer #4:

DC comics treated me very well during the Superman song period. They even had a panel in one of their comics where a guy is wearing the name ‘Crash Test Dummies’ on his shirt, as a kind of shout-out to me. Very sweet of them.

Question #5:

I know there’s a comment from Benjamin Darvill regarding the decision to call I Don’t Care That You Don’t Mind a CTD album, has there been any comment on the continued calling albums like Puss N Boots, Songs for the Unforgiven, etc. CTD albums without featuring20all of the core line-up?

Did you or any of your bandmates have a say in the track list for the best-of?

Weird Al has singled CTD out as one of the most supportive when it came to his parody of their song. What was your initial reaction when you found out he was going to do “Headline News”?

Answer #5:

RE Ben: He and I have been speaking recently about his solo career, which has been going well, by the way. And it is true that the core line up hasn’t appeared on any record since ‘A Worm’s Life’, let alone ‘I Don’t Care’.

However, as the founder of the band and the owner of the name, not to mention the frontman and songwriter, I have released many records under that name Crash Test Dummies, simply because people know the name. Our core line up disintegrated when i decided not to tour any more after the ‘I Don’t Care…’ release. No hard feelings, just moving on. Mitch and Dan and Ben all have kids now. I’m very happily married living in NYC and hate the road and nd Ellen is happy to be in Toronto with her friends and loved ones. The core line up is simply no longer viable.

We had some say, but not the final work on the best of track list. It was all about money.

I consider being covered by Weird Al a milestone event and a real honor. And i’m very serious. I admire him, and I love his shamelessness.

Question #6:

Instead of beating your brain on “band or your life questions”, I want to check in on your thoughts of the Trailer Park Boys show being canceled? I am one of the few Americans who have been fortunate enough to stumble across this amazing show and noticed you mention them in one of your blogs. Well recently it was announced there will be no more Seasons of TPB and I am so sad. How does it make you feel and have you ever met those blokes?

Answer #6:

I too was devastated by the cancellation. I have never met these good lads, but I have walked through many a trailer park in Halifax, and they have that world nailed to a freakin’ T.

Question #7:

Why not for this next CTD album, make a real last big physic album on CD with a part on DVD of cool stuffs & a complete CTD videographie ?

Answer #7:

I tried to make a DVD once and I failed. Yhis has left a bitter taste in my mouth. They are way more complicated than making records and I’ve not got the time nor the inclination. But I appreciate your interest.

Maybe I can think of some cheap hand-held thing to do for the Toys record. I’m on shoe string budgets!

Je suis desole, i wish i could speak more french.

Question #8:

Now that you’ve been an active participant in the practice of yoga for a few years now, and you must be super-flexible.  Can you manage to lock both your legs behind your head now?  And if so, it bodes another question.  Why??

Answer #8:

You and I both know that my interest in yoga is to become flexible enough to fulfill every man’s dream – to suck his own dick. Smart ass. ;)

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! Happy Holidays!

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