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Written by Brad Roberts

12 Dec

Response to comments

Hey there folks,

Thanks for your comments. Nice to see some of you are visiting the site.

Regarding the new Toys album. First of all, it won’t be released until early Spring, so this is a little premature on my part, but here goes anyway. There are many of you who would like to have a ‘real’ CD, not ‘just’ a download. I do not yet know if I could handle the mail order business that would come through here for hard copies. Its a lot of administration, whereas the download is no trouble at all (on this end).

So I’ve done a little investigating and I believe I may have a compromise. Apparently it is possible to download artwork with the album and one can even download an entire booklet with all credits, graphics, etc. It may even be possible to make it possible to print these out and put into a jewel case. Thus one has a ‘physical’ copy by just burning the tunes onto a disc, and putting them in a jewel case which will fit a booklet of info.

I will see if I can do any better than this. In the meantime, thanks so much for your interest. This record is turning into a two volume work, with 20 songs completed (unmixed) to date. I’m quite excited to get it out there.

Its warmed up a little bit in New York, but I still have to get a fire going in the wood stove. That’s right folks, I’m probably the only person in New York who heats his apartment with wood. I really don’t mind; in fact its downright cozy. One wood stove-related minor casualty recently, however – I bought a packet of wood that was full of cockroaches, all of whom went running into my walls as soon as I opening the packet. Now i have a full fledged war going on with the cockroaches.

My old manager Jeff Rogers is here in NYC and crashing on my couch. He has all kinds of ideas for promoting the Toys record. Some of it involves touring. I have absolutely no desire to tour. The only good thing about touring is performing. That is something I’m good at, something I enjoy. But the constant travel, living out of a suitcase, the greasy truck stop food, the lack of physical exercise (sitting in a van for hours every day) – everything about it just plain sucks. So I’m not making any promises.

I hope you folks out there aren’t being hit too badly with the stock market. I have many friends here in NYC who are losing jobs. Lets hope this thing turns around sooner than later.

Anyhow, thanks folks once again for checking out.



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