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Written by Brad Roberts

01 Dec


Well, here I sit with my usual insomnia. I have not been able to sleep until about four in the morning lately. It’s interfering with my work and it is starting to pick my ass. But, you do what you can. The strangest part is that I have nothing to be stressed about, except the insomnia. A vicious circle.

I sat down today and in just one hour, I wrote an entire lyric and set it to chords/melody. It came out great. I can’t seem to stop coming up with more stuff. I wasn’t even trying. Weird.

I had planned to make the new record available as a download only. However, I’d consider running some cd’s with artwork if there is any fan interest. I can’t get the record to your retail outlet, but I could do a mail order thing. Its time consuming and costly, but like i say….

By the way, I won’t be writing about politics or religion any time soon. I’m unpopular with some folks over my recent comments. No hate mail though.

The only spiritual experience I ever had was in bed with a woman. Suddenly it was as though we were fused and I had no separate identity. We were locked together in a way that hasn’t happened before or since. So god and I are on pretty good terms.

I had a medium talk to me a few days ago. She proceeded to tell me what I’ve been doing for the last few years with the Toy Record. It was quite uncanny. Apparently the energy surrounding the record is strong. If you believe in that stuff. I’m still a sceptic. My dead Grandmother tried to talk to me, about what remained unclear. Hi Grandma.

Time for me to try sleep. Hope this finds you folks well.


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