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Written by Brad Roberts

10 May

New Yorkers from Cradle to (Nearly) the Grave

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One Response to “New Yorkers from Cradle to (Nearly) the Grave”

  1. By Will Moor on May 31, 2016 | Reply

    Brad I lived in Canada as a small child and my parents loved and still love your music (we’re currently all listening to the ghost that haunts me on their thirtieth wedding anniversary playing rummikub)
    You and the crash test dummies have been the soundtrack to my 28 years on this planet.
    I’m in new York for the first two weeks of September 2016. I’d love to buy you a pint. If only to shake your hand and thank you for a lifetime of happiness and music I’d be fulfilling a personal dream and a dream of my parents.
    You are the man.
    Thank you for filling my life with such warmth

    Lots of love from derbyshire, England

    (And his mum and dad)

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