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Written by Brad Roberts

18 Nov

Back from Toronto

Howdy dudes and dudettes,

I just got back from Toronto, where I had the pleasure of getting an award for 100,000 spins of ‘Superman’s Song’ on Canadian radio. I was able to visit my good friend and co-writer/guitar player Stuart Cameron. But after that, it was action packed the whole time. Never got the chance to see my brother, his wife or my nephew.

Today I did a spate of 3-minute-songwriting tips, taped for an up and coming Canadian television network called AUX (sp?). My old manager and good friend Jeff Rogers is part of the project, so he slipped me in there, and I was happy to do it. Hopefully they’ll use it. You never know in this business.

It was a whirl-wind trip, all in all: I never got to the point of constipation, weight gain, or chronic fatigue! I know, I know, I can hear you:  too much information! But that’s what I’m all about. Too much information.

I heard a new mix of Ellen singing one of the songs on the ‘Toys’ record we’re making, and it was achingly beautiful. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to finishing this record and hearing the final sequence.

Working with Stewart Lerman has been really great. I am blessed to meet these kind of people. Stewart is a consummate pro with HUGE20ears. Not to mention a very dear man.

It’s funny:  I’ve worked with my good friend Scott Harding on my last several projects. He’s so good and we’re so comfortable that I never considered anyone else. Then when Stewart Lerman came along, I suddenly had a second person with whom I could work my craft. What luck, l thought.

Then, by pure co-incidence, I saw a guy I know from Winnipeg walking down the streets of New York in my neighborhood. He’s a musician, has a studio, and I’ve been working at his place as well! He too is a fantastic person, wildly enthusiastic, optimistic, and up for anything. So now out of the blue I have three people in my life that i can work with.

Having these three people in my life as of late has been a huge thing for me, particularly because I chose not to learn any music programs, and so I need other people just to get my ideas down. Learning music programs was for me too time consuming; I wanted to use my time to write. Oddly, it has served me well, I think; I don’t like the idea of making a record at home with my gear, alone. Two heads are better than one – if they’re good heads at all – and the whole thing is just more fun to do with another human.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.

Kirk out.

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