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Written by Brad Roberts

15 Nov

Late Night Entry

It’s 3am and I’m wide awake. Still ill. I’ve been looking at David Byrne’s journal. The guy writes beautiful, well thought out discourse, unlike my drivel. I urge you to check it out.

While I’m endorsing people and products, you all have to buy a recent release of Paul Anka called ‘Rock Swings’. He reinterprets everything from ‘The Eye of the Tiger” to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It does not sound merely novel, as one might expect. The arrangements are killing. Killing! They have more rock than the rockers and more swing that the swingers and his voice! He’s an old guy now, and his voice is smooth as velvet.

I found a version of the bible that lays it all out in prose or verse, as the case may be, and there aren’t any of the usual numbers, so it feels more like one is reading a narrative rather than something to be memorized.

My fave NEW New York band is called ‘Not Waving But Drowning’. Check out their website and buy their records! They are really a unique combination of people with very different strengths, which adds up to a great chemistry. If you can see them live, all the better.

For you American readers, download ‘The Trailer Park Boys’ TV episodes, or the movie for that matter. Just trust me on this one.

I wrote a lyric I’m not nuts about. I think I’ll transform it entirely for the record. But not now. South Park is on. The only reliable political commentary on television today.


There’s nothing like a heart of stone
To help one through one’s misery
To be a rock, wherever thrown
And face life’s sometimes ugly mystery

There’s nothing like the loneliness
When suddenly, love is snatched away
However mighty be your throne,
Your Queen is dead, and dead she’ll ever stay

There’s nothing like the vast unknown
When death looks on, and time’s run out
To close one’s eyes and be alone
Troubled not by fear nor faith nor doubt

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