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12 Nov

Studio Day

Hey folks,

I spent the day in the studio with Ellen Reid, putting the back ups on the final tune. I even talked her into singing lead on one song. She did a beautiful job.

I’m predicting fans will either love or hate this one. I’m loving it. i have about 20 songs now, and must pick the best ten.

I’m going to Toronto to receive an award for Superman’s Song having been played over 100,000 times on Canadian radio. I don’t care much for awards. Usually it just means that you are the flavor of the month and are making big money for record companies. But this award stands for 18 years of continual airplay on the FIRST SONG I EVER WROTE.

Pretty crazy, huh?

A close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Any words of wisdom out there from others who know about this? I’d like to help, but don’t know how. Very frustrating.

Here’s another new poem for you:  blab with you soon.

Smell you later,


Jumping from the plane
and falling into the sky -
the howling wind,
the intoxication of acceleration
as the full force of gravity
comes hammering down.

Then, ripping the rip cord,
the shoot blooms,
jerking upwards at first
and settling into a slow drift.

Our parachutist gazes
on the enormity below:
the geometry of farmland,
the patches of lakes,
the snakes of roads.

Then, closing in on ground,
he returns to the scale
of the everyday,
the flat, familiar world
which had been,
for five minutes,
a great expanse,
a vastness, abundant,
uncharted, and
pregnant with possibility.

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