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Written by Brad Roberts

01 Jun


if you love “south park as much as I do, you may have seen a recent episode in which stan gets “sucked” into facebook when he tries to shut down his account.  it’s a great episode on many levels, and I’m facing it right now. I now twitter both as lordpigface1 (brad Roberts) and CTDbrad (crash test dummies). I also just learned I have not one but two facebook pages set up by the indefatigable

Jerry Brace, may pal and webmaster. I had been participating every now and then. now that I’ve bothered to find out about the crash test dummies facebook page, I’ll visit that one two. that’s right, two twitter names and two facebooks. I’ll bet jerry will come up with a way to streamline them all into I really don’t know about that stuff. he makes it all possible.

the touring has been enormously pleasurable, with tons of die-hard fans showing up and buying the record. we have t-shirts AND – panties! if I flog the panties onstage, people buy ‘em, but if not, they seem not to consider it. I’m proud the name of my song is on the asses of all the women who so kindly bought them!

I get SO MUCH spam – 100’s of posts every day that it’s hard to keep up with your comments. I’ve approved and replied to some of the more recent ones.

thanks to everyone who has come to our shows. it means more to us than to you!

later folks


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3 Responses to “Web-suck”

  1. By Jerry Brace on Jun 1, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Brad – I just installed some changes on the blog comment form to prevent the automated spam. It should reduce the spam to nearly zero.

  2. By mark day on Jun 1, 2010 | Reply

    hey Brad. Got to meet you at the Vienna VA show. Thanks again for signing the guitar and have a kick ass tour.

  3. By mark day on Jun 1, 2010 | Reply

    oh, and I forgot to mention, that South Park episode was percisely the reason I shut down my Facebook account…and why the hell do I want to know what the people I went to high school are doing now anyhow?! Certainly not still rockin’ out at 42 years of age! They can all now kiss my ass and wonder what ever happened me. I’m just sorry I will not be able to access the CTD page. Anyhow, thanks for the rant.

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