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Written by Brad Roberts

04 Jun


doing a rehearsal at our hotel in portland. murray pulver has joined us for this tour. we’re playing the songs with him for the first time, and he is smokin’! this is gonna be a great show tonight!

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  1. By mike schaeffer on Jul 2, 2010 | Reply

    At the Portland show (which was exceptional – we nearly drove to Seattle the next day to catch it again!), one element I really enjoyed was watching Brad’s reaction to Murray’s playing, directed to Murray. We were perfectly positioned to do so. Murray throws in a phase at the very tail of the song and Brad smiles. Murray grabs the neck and vibrato is applied to the final fading chard – Brad say “nice”. It was sort of like being an insider. And now I see, all this with a single, likely rushed, rehearsal.

    Random trivia about the venue – last musical act I saw there was – The Roches. Sort of a circle, that!

    Thanks for coming, Brad – hope you can come back. BTW, by all means get the whole group together in Canada, but don’t give up on the small intimate performance too. There is room for both.

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