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24 Jun

more poetry

“There is no health; physicians say that we/At best, enjoy a neutrality./And can there be worse sickness, than to know/That we are never wel/, nor can be so?” JOHN DONNE “An Anatomy of the world”…This quote comes from a poem lamenting the death of a friend’s daughter. He barely knew the girl, but likely drew from the death of his beloved wife, and the grief which nearly paralyzed him as a widower. The idea that he expresses, that of being condemned to be neither happy nor sad, but merely “flat” so to speak, is very much like the experience of the beginning of a course of anti-depressant, when the pain recedes, but the force of life’s vitality is not yet accessible. it is a bloody miserable place…. i continue to read donne, alongside his biography, and scholarly comments on the poems, making the olde englishe easier to understand. i know, i’m a perpetual nerd, but i can hardly wait to get up in the morning and mark up a poem with notes and reread it until i know it by heart. it’s helping my lyric-writing enormously. i couldn’t take pleasure in reading for a long time, and it is good to be back, baby!

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