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10 Aug

the moon

as a one-time bartender – and bar-attender! – i know for damn sure that people get a little freaky when it is a full moon. it should come as no surprise, even to those of us who are not superstitious. after all, the moon pulls the oceans’ tides with massive power, are not unrelated to menses, and as any bartender will tell you, makes people act damn crazy.

however, today is the new moon, a time for setting intentions, a sober look into the coming lunar month. i still want a drink, but there you go. so, if you have any promises you want to keep to yourself, consider this your friendly opportunity extended by black moon, welcoming the unknown possibilities that only come in darkness.

06 Aug

upcoming radio broadcast

i will be interviewed, do some live playing and listen tour our new record on the “sunday breafast show” broadcast on WFUV, best radio in new york city. i’ll be on between 8 and 11am. rob morsberger accompanies me on piano, a format i’ve never used – just my voice and a really fanatastic keyboardist, string arranger, and generally brilliant man. check it out!

05 Aug

The bad old days

Is anyone out there old enough to remember when a slide at the park was made of shiny, sun-baked metal, and had an almost vertical descent? That was good stuff. Slides these days are made from ugly plastic, and are spiral shaped so as to make the descent more gradual, safer, and, let’s face it, much less fun.

My father used to drive me around in the basket on the front of his bicycle. We did not wear helmets; the wind blew through our hair. Today such a thing would be heretical.

Call me reckless, but I’m sad to see the bad old days come to an end. And I guess this is where i leave off, and you all crucify me! The story of my life. Happy hammering!

04 Aug

re taking photo’s

thanks alan, john and mishell.

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04 Aug

lyric in progress

this spilled out of me in one single continuous flow. maybe that’s why i don’t trust it…

I can’t live with no woman
Can’t live with no man
Can’t live with no children
Can’t live with who I am

Don’t call me for dinner
Don’t call me for bed
Don’t call me on the telephone
‘Cause the line will be dead

I won’t try it for failing
And even if it worked out
I wouldn’t trust it for real
That’s not what I’m about
That’s not what I’m about

And when you are lying
At night in your bed
I hope you are thinking
Of the bad things you did and said

And when you are sleeping
I hope that you dream
Of the time that was wasted
And of what could have been.

I won’t try it for failing
And even if it worked out
I wouldn’t trust it for real
That’s not what I’m about
That’s not what I’m about

02 Aug

Healthy Buzzes

tired of waking up hung over? too old to trip on hallucinogenics without freaking out? cigarettes clogging your lungs?

there are answers people. first, the straight dope on weed. the longest and most comprehensive study on the relationship between smoking weed and lung cancer goes like this: cig smokers – lots of cancer; non-smokers – much less cancer; weed-smokers – LESS CANCER THAN NON- SMOKERS! apparently cannabis may contain components that actually inhibit excessive cell growth (i.e., cancer) and possibly of use in treating some cancers. the research remains to be done. (a side note: cannabis is also a “bronchodilator” and has been used for centuries to treat asthma, particularly when sipped in tea, cooked in food, and yes, even smoked.)

both yoga and more cardiovascular forms of physical activity (running, etc) release the pleasure inducing “dopamine” – hence the word dope – while exercising the body as well.

wheat grass shots may taste like lawn clippings, but they give me a small buzz. and it helps you poo!

finally, try huffing some essential lavender oil. good stuff.

write in with your own healthy buzz…and keep the photo’s comin’!

you can see the photographs i’ve taken here in new york city on both “the official crash test dummies group”, and on the “brad roberts” facebook page, both at http/

28 Jul

taking pictures

hey guys

my blogs have been thin gruel these days, so i’ll try a little harder today!

i live in new york city, and although i’ve never been interested in photography, i’ve started taking pictures with my cell phone camera, which happens to be a high-res camera at that, not the usual junk.

there is just so much stuff in nyc to photograph. everywhere you look. it’s turning into an obsession for me. (a healthy hobby? no! an obsession.)

anyhow, my brother is an excellent photographer, so i’ve been following his lead. he will be getting a site of his work going when he has time. not easy with two kids.

also, juni moon, who is my friend and designer of ctd’s album cover and new video, is also an excellent photographer, and she turned me on to a new york photographer who is so good he makes me want to quit.
his name is by joseph o. holmes.

he does regular posts but he’s going on vacation now till september. however, you can browse his archives

There is also his older work here:

This guy is definitely worth checking out.

that is my world as of late. when i can figure out how to upload photos in this blog, i’ll show you some.

in the meantime, i’d be interested in hearing from anyone out there with tips about photography.



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28 Jul

Detailed musician credits on the web site

I’ve always loved reading detailed credits on albums. We didn’t have room in our 24 page booklet (!) for the song-by-song listing, but we’ve now added it to the Music page on our web site so you can now be certain that it was Steuart Smith who played the banjo on “What I’m Famous For”, Rob Morsberger who played the Theremin, Pinky Weitzman played not just any violin but a Stroh violin on You Said You’d Meet Me (In California) – that sort of thing.

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27 Jul

And It’s Beautiful Link

Hey you guys and gals –

When I talked about our new video before,I forgot to give you a link.

Here’s the And It’s Beautiful video on YouTube:

And, here’s the And It’s Beautiful video on Video, where it sounds better:

Sorry about missing that.


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23 Jul

video for “and it’s beautiful”

hey folks – check out the new video! made by juni moon, who also did the album artwork.

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