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21 Jul

Hello folks

I and my good pal Rob Morsberger went to a radio station called WFUV yesterday. We played “Songbird” (from the new record, ‘Ooh La La’) with Rob on piano and me singing. We also did MMM MMM MMM MMM (of course). It will be aired twice in August. I’ll keep you posted on the dates. WFUV is a wonderful station that consistently plays interesting music. In NYC it is 90.7 FM; and on the net it’s at I’ll keep you posted as to when it will be aired. Did a nice interview too. Lots of shits and giggles.

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments, and I hope we pass through your way soon. All for now.


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16 Jul

hey you guys, sorry i haven’t been on in a while. have been very busy with a variety of stuff, including a brief performance at the winnipeg folk festival last weekend. we sang, among other things, moody manitoba, which, as you can imagine, is big in manitoba, the province of my home town.

i’ve been taking photographs and putting myself through a little photography 101 course on the net. my camera is also my cell phone, but it’s a great camera. it’s enormous fun – i just have to walk out my front door into the madness of new york city, and start clicking. i’ve been taking pictures of everything from cig butts to the empire state building. if i could attach some, i would!

all forn now folks…



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24 Jun


by John Donne

I have done one braver thing
Than all the Worthies did ;
And yet a braver thence doth spring,
Which is, to keep that hid.

It were but madness now to impart
The skill of specular stone,
When he, which can have learn’d the art
To cut it, can find none.

So, if I now should utter this,
Others—because no more
Such stuff to work upon, there is—
Would love but as before.

But he who loveliness within
Hath found, all outward loathes,
For he who color loves, and skin,
Loves but their oldest clothes.

If, as I have, you also do
Virtue in woman see,
And dare love that, and say so too,
And forget the He and She ;

And if this love, though placèd so,
From profane men you hide,
Which will no faith on this bestow,
Or, if they do, deride ;

Then you have done a braver thing
Than all the Worthies did ;
And a braver thence will spring,
Which is, to keep that hid.

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24 Jun

more poetry

“There is no health; physicians say that we/At best, enjoy a neutrality./And can there be worse sickness, than to know/That we are never wel/, nor can be so?” JOHN DONNE “An Anatomy of the world”…This quote comes from a poem lamenting the death of a friend’s daughter. He barely knew the girl, but likely drew from the death of his beloved wife, and the grief which nearly paralyzed him as a widower. The idea that he expresses, that of being condemned to be neither happy nor sad, but merely “flat” so to speak, is very much like the experience of the beginning of a course of anti-depressant, when the pain recedes, but the force of life’s vitality is not yet accessible. it is a bloody miserable place…. i continue to read donne, alongside his biography, and scholarly comments on the poems, making the olde englishe easier to understand. i know, i’m a perpetual nerd, but i can hardly wait to get up in the morning and mark up a poem with notes and reread it until i know it by heart. it’s helping my lyric-writing enormously. i couldn’t take pleasure in reading for a long time, and it is good to be back, baby!

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20 Jun


i’ve been off the road for a week now. feel like i’m finally getting the hang of living in one place. living out of a suitcase can be tiresome, but at least one is at all times occupied with business at hand. back at home, my schedule is much more loose, but the lack of structure is hard for me to deal with. i have to make my own schedule: writing each day, exercising, blogging and twitting, always with the nagging feeling that i should be doing something that i am not doing. sundays are problematic as they are the least scheduled day of the week, and i can’t seem to simply relax and enjoy. gotta work on that. clearly. i’m not a lazy personality, but i’d like to have more access the leisurely sundays that i hear tell of. perhaps some of you folks who do freelance work have had this experience. they make their own schedules to a large extent. and though it’s nice not to have a boss, being your own boss can be wearying. but this is what i call a ‘first world’ problem: i’m not starving; i’m not persecuted; and i have clean water. gonna go drink some of that water now, and get a bite to eat. and there’s my sunday!

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17 Jun

more john donne

more john donne, on marriage; man and wife “couple in anger, and new monsters breed” NICE!

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16 Jun


i’ve been reading the recently (2006) published biography of the great english poet johne donne. it is called ‘the reformed soul’, and it is written by john stubbs. donne, for those who don’t know him, lived in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s. he wrote the words “do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee”. (the writer hemingway later quoted him, famously, in his own work.) this amazing man, both widely read at home and an experienced man of the world – he fought in two campaigns at sea – is as anguished about, as he is lustful for, life. he notes in a verse letter about his time in the military, that during a great and terrifying storm, the unprepared men were “equally/ grieved that they are not yet dead and yet must die” (lines 45-46 in “the storm”.) this is juicy stuff, no? check out his bio, and his poetry comes to life. i warmly recommend him.

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15 Jun

Home Sweet Home

first i want to thank you guys for all of your comments. jerry brace, our webmaster, managed to get rid of the spam, so it is easier for me to look at your entries.

we had a great time doing shows on the west coast of USA. i never get tired of california. indeed, i wrote a song about california on the new record. of course it went over very well in that beautiful state.

there are a lot of questions about our touring. so far, we’ve done a pass through the northeastern seaboard, and the west coast, both in USA. we start our canadian tour near the beginning of october. see “tour dates” on the home page to find these.

it is strange to be home. i’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing! hope this finds you all well.

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08 Jun

pacific highway

just drove all day on the pacific highway in california. it was just spectacular. we took our time, checking out local fruit stands, watching seals, and, in santa cruz, we tried chocolate covered fried bacon – yum! are in LA now. show tomorrow. best, bard

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07 Jun

west coast sojourn

we’ve now played in portland and reno. tonight is san francisco. small place, but it’ll be packed. took a drive around the city – beautiful architecture, more so than i remember. we’ll see how the gig goes. b

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