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Written by Brad Roberts

25 Aug

My Facebook Photography

Hello friends –

I’ve posted a collection of photos I took on my Brad Roberts Facebook page. Friend me, and you can check them out, if this appeals to you.

I’m doing a collection of 5 shots each day. Today’s collection is devoted to curbside, street level points of view. Plenty of beautiful trash (yes, that’s right, trash; in nyc, trash is often spectacular.) There is also a gorgeous fire hydrant, and a peculiar structure left over from a work site.

Hope you can friend me and enjoy. We are still wrestling with my jpg attachments on this blog. When that is over, I’ll post them here. In the meantime, check out:

Hope to hear from you!


15 Aug


I’ve got nothing to say today, so I just posted some shots i took over the weekend. if you want to check them, they are on my facebook pages, both the one for brad roberts and the one for crash test dummies. hope you enjoy them. and thanks for checking